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On the 8th of April, I embarked on an adventure that the sweet memories will be engraved in my mind forever.

Lugging a bright pink luggage, I was escorted to the MH2 flight beginning a 13 hour journey all by myself.

I reached London at 7 am where I waited for my sister while drinking the richest hot chocolate ever.

It has been 3 months since I’ve last saw my sister so we were so happy to be together again.

As I arrived, we walked around Oxford street, SOHO and Regent’s Park. The weather was just nice and my eyes feasted on the beautiful Sakura flowers.

IMG_9919     IMG_9943

The next day we visited St Paul’s cathedral, China Town and Tate Modern! Tate Modern is a London gallery showcasing unique artworks.


We had a typical touristy London tour! Using this website as reference, ( we started off our morning at  Borough market then we continued to Big Ben, WestMinster, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Squar and ended at Green park. We were famished so we went to a Malaysian restaurant and later sent a friend of my sister’s to Waterloo Station. We then headed home.


At the last minute, we had to drag our lazy bums to pack for a 14 day journey (fitting all my essentials into a 70 litre backpack is almost impossible!). We woke up at 3 am, lugged our 12-16 kg backpack on our shocked shoulders and departed to the airport.

12 April: Flight to Italy at 6 am.

Bus to airport
Hop on the flight
Bus from airport to Venice
Tram to the city
A million miles of walking
Train to Trieste
Bus to Illubjana

This was by far, the most tiring day of my life! Unfortunately, the train station was packed with people and the lockers was full. We were forced to carry our backpack AROUND VENICE. I was sleep deprived, hungry and my shoulders was killing me. But the food there made everything a bit more worth it.


After the best sleep ever, we woke up to explore Illubjana’s old town and castle.

Of cobble stoned alleys and mouth watering food.

DSCF0334Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 6.45.37 PM 2IMG_3125

I truly enjoyed sitting on a bench at Preseren Square. It was the best people watching venue containing all the necessary elements:

  • Children playing with bubbles
  • Me eating ice cream
  • An old man playing the accordion
  • Bicycles and roller blades wizzing by
  • Attractive couples

Lake Bled is my favourite place during the journey. We hiked up a mountain to see a breathtaking view of the whole place.

DSCF0980 copy


I felt like I was in a fairytale starring myself. I will definitely come back during my honeymoon.

Our next destination was Zagreb, we visited the churches, the old town, a gallery, a cemetery and a crematory.

I have never seen so much colours at a cemetery but the combination worked harmoniously. I was a bit depressed as I was reminded of death.

We treated ourselves with a french cuisine that night, my friend ate frogs and it took all my will power to not barf in disgust. We then departed for Plitvice, where we decided to spend the night.

We stayed in a cute cabin. After breakfast, we took a car ride to Plitvice National Park. The water is so beautiful, 50 shades of turquoise. I was eye-gasmicing the whole way.

DSCF2666 copy DSCF2305 copy

So we arrived at Split during sunset. We went to a gallery, participated in a unique pen pal activity (we leave letters in a box for strangers to read) and had an amazing dinner. There was an entertaining live music, a band played the guitar and accordion accompanied by smashing vocals.

The best food I discovered in East Europe was the Burek. It’s the best thing that has ever touched my taste buds. My favourite type is the Spinach Burek.

IMG_0111 img_0027

The following day we went to Klis Castle, in Game of Thrones this place is called Mereen.


The next exciting place we went to is Dubrovnik. We kickstarted the journey by walking along the walls. We stayed in Dubrovnik the longest because there’s tons of attractions and delicious food to try.



The video is the places we visited in Croatia.

On 22nd April, we woke up in Mostar, Bosnia. We gobbled a delightful breakfast then started with the Old town (the bridge, market and Mosque were some of the sites), we also joined a Death of Yugoslavia tour. For lunch, we feasted at a beautiful restaurant
overlooking the old bridge.

DSCF5961     Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 7.06.24 PM

In addition to that, we rode a bus to Kotor and explored the walls.


At Budva (another Montenegro pitstop) we we went hiking where we met an Orthodox christian at a monastery.

Next stop was Sveti Stefan, the Old Town and finished off with dinner at a port. There I was tired and booked a spa trip for myself upon my arrival in Kuala Lumpur.


Our last day of our journey ended with an amazing cab ride to the airport. The cab driver stopped at unique spots.

On the 27th of April, I was London bound. I could not contain my excitement to shop, I am an Oxford Circus addict. I walked the whole stretch by myself, THRICE. I bought so many handbags at the end of my journey there were 10 new handbags and tons of clothes.

It was a good thing my sister went to class and only came to swipe my father’s credit card.

On one of the days I went biking after a sleepover session with my best friend Nadia then we headed to King’s Cross Station to see Harry Potter’s platform 9 3/4 (I am a massive Potterhead). I also had breakfast at London Soho with my other bestfriend, Syahirah.



We used to live in Oxford so we decided to visit our town, Headington. We explored the library (where we hung out every weekend) it’s an expansive green area that looks gorgeous during Spring. We also wandered to our previous schools (Woodfarm and Cheney), our uncle Jerry’s house and BICESTER VILLAGE. I shopped too much I caught a fever.

Along side that, we also tried to do all the things in this video.

We came back to London and I was feeling sick. The next day I went to London Soho to eat my favourite food, seafood risotto and immediately felt better. It was also my first time trying out chai latte, it was so yummy.

Due to IMU orientation closely approaching, I had to leave my sister and took another 13 hour flight home by myself with tears wetting my whole outfit. It was one of the saddest moment we shared together and I still miss her terribly ♥


Thank you Mr Goh for taking the time to read about my trip. Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

P.S, this was our theme song during the vacation.

By: Alya Ariffin